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Why Nybble

1st blue team community
Collaborate between experts around a common target. Suggest your improvements. Too much security done in a corner. It is time to join forces.

A human-centered model
We put people back at the center of security. We look at your skills before your references and prioritize collective intelligence over any automated response.

Push yourself up. Reach the tops.
At Nybble, we like to improve, to challenge ourselves. Climb the community ladder and dominate the leaderboard.

You feel more ANALYST...

1 analysis ? 1 bounty. Crystal clear.
Be paid individually for the work performed. Fixed price, no levels, no hidden rules. Make your contribution, we reward you.

Flexibility. As you want, when you want.
Spend your days there or just a few hours of your free time. Organize yourself as you wish. Only the result matters.

Do more than handling alerts. Suggest.
At Nybble, we love initiative. From contributing to processing wiki pages to tuning a detection rule, make your suggestions in order to push the community further than ever.

or more HUNTER?

1 threat, 1 report, 1 bounty.
You know bug bounty, we create the threat bounty. Be rewarded for any of your successful hunts.

Focus on the hunting job. We take care of anything else.
Nybble takes care of all aspects of a threat bounty campaign: legal, financial, technological.

Have a direct impact on customer security
Your reports don't stay in a closet. We study them carefully and find direct applications to constantly improve our customers' systems.


Do you require a minimum level of education? Do I need specific experience to register?

At Nybble, we believe in skills testing more than blind faith in degrees. However, An appropriate technical course (cybersecurity, systems and networks) or experience in the same field is essential to pass the entrance tests. Students in the course of the aforementioned course are welcome!

I am interested in joining the community, what are the steps?

Your registration is a complete process with several stages: identity verification, submission of references, skills tests, validation of financial information. This process is mandatory to guarantee the integrity and professionalism of every community member. Full details to come when registration opens.

What are the legal obligations (tax, social) to become an analyst / hunter?

Our analysts & hunters agree to comply with the fiscal obligations of the country they legally belong to, according to their status and place of residence. If not, you run the risk of being prosecuted for concealment of activity.

I am registered, how much can I earn? Do I have to pay an access fee?

No access fees. For analysts, you earn a fixed commission per alert, regardless of the client or the nature of the alert. The total gain only depends on the number of alerts you process in the month.
For hunters, any report validated between Nybble experts and the end customer allows you for a reward based on the reviewed criticality level of the report.

How does Nybble evaluate the quality of my work? How does this leaderboard mentioned above work?

For analysts, Nybble has a multi-criteria scoring algorithm designed to validate the quality of work. In addition, periodic targeted reviews allow a second validation of the answers given on the alerts.
For hunters, the report is evaluated jointly between Nybble experts and the end customer, both on the editorial part and the technical content. It gives rise to a cumulative score as submissions are made.

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