Protecting your IT together

Nybble offers game-changing protection solutions to operate your IT (On-Premise or Cloud) security services

Worldwide collaborative Threat Bounty
using analyst's freelance network approved by Nybble.

Cloud-Native software
SaaS oriented. You use, we manage. 

Industry-leading technologies
to provide best in class detection capabilities.


Our Platforms

Nybble Security Analytics

Decades of SIEM and SOC expertise combined here to bring you the best security technologies

  • SI event management, all sources included  (Network, Servers, Users, Cloud, …).
  • Log processing and normalization.
  • Data enrichment with CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence).
  • Log correlation to detect abnormal behaviors.
  • 1556+ detection rules to trigger security alerts.

Nybble Hub

World First Threat Bounty management platform which combines alert analysis, incident management and Threat Hunting. 

  • Alert triage, analysis and resolution.
  • Wiki page for each detection rule, to ease and fasten alert triage and analysis.
  • 24/7 alert management thanks to our worldwide freelance's network. 
  • Incident management on escalated alerts. 
  • Threat Hunting services to detect weak signals and past compromissions. 

Our threat hunting services is based on well-known Bug Bounty model, with reward on successful report. It allows to:

  • Search for past compromissions.
  • Detect advanced threats.
  • Increase your security by going further than the job done by detection rules.
  • Detect and report configuration weaknesses (assets, scripts,...).
  • Audit and draw the current state of your line of defense.


SIEM design, installation and maintenance

Scope definition, assets onboarding and customization

Alert and incident management and response

Our value proposal:

  • SaaS-based SIEM infrastructure, deployed in minutes on Cloud and managed by our team.
  • Experts at your disposal, for handling your security alerts and incidents.
  • Personalization of the configurations, to keep only the logs matching your technological environment and needs.
  • Platform lifecycle management, including security and features updates.
  • Automatic Scale up/down, based on your current usage.

Professional Services

Nybble offers customized support following your company size or needs:

Custom deployment, geobased, available on Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.

Follow up and consulting during all deployment steps (interview, design, integration strategy, agents installation).

Training provided by our experts, to master all the features of our products.

Who we are?

sebastien lehuede

Sebastien Lehuédé
Founder / SIEM Architect

gabriel kropp

Gabriel Kropp
CTO / Cloud Architect

quentin le sauce

Quentin Le Sauce
Web developer


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